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Free Lebara Network UK Sim Card

Availability: In Stock


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Grab this amazing free Lebara sim card at no cost and connect with the world at the best rates. Also, Lebara is among the best mobile networks in the UK, providing both national and international calls. Pay As You Go top up is easy with Lebara, you can top up online via your Lebara account. Moreover, prepaid Lebara sim cards come with an auto top-up feature, this ensures you never run out of credit when making your important calls. This free sim card gives you total control of calls and data packs. Also, you can change your active packs at your own pleasure.

Lebara Free SIM card sizes

We stock three SIM card sizes. Modern smartphones can incorporate either a micro or nano SIM while some traditional phone brands still maintain the classic standard SIM. Likewise, we also provide adapters enabling you to use the incorrect SIM size in your phone.

Competitive Call Rates

Free Lebara sim card offers the user unlimited national and international calls to over 40 countries at the best rates. Choose the plan you want and enjoy.


With Lebara free pay as you go SIM card, there are no binding contracts, the user is in control of the billing rates. Lebara also enables the user to access their online Lebara account through their secure and easy-to-use downloadable app. Also, the user can easily transfer their old number to this new free Lebara SIM card.

Users can transfer money to over 100 countries safely and securely with this free sim card. The fast 3G and 4G speeds allow video streaming coupled with catching up with your friends on social media all you’ll need is a 4G enabled phone. Our free sim cards are also synergic with any unlocked smartphone.

Types: Nano/Micro/Standard

Delivery Details

  • Same Day Dispatched
  • 1st Class Signed Royal Mail

Payment Options

  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer

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