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Free VOXI Network UK Sim Card

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Voxi sim card is a fresh new product on the UK market. It is set to revolutionize the mobile network market here, with its plans tailor made for a generation of tech-savvy, modern customers. Voxi Sim Card

How much time do you spend scrolling through Facebook, exploring Youtube or posting pics on Instagram? If the answer is a lot, then Voxi sims are the perfect sim cards for you.

They offer endless social media data with all their plans, and by endless, they truly mean endless, unlike some other mobile companies. So now you can watch millions of cat videos secure in the knowledge that you will never be charged an extra pound!


One of the other main benefits of a Voxi sim card is the flexibility it affords you. With traditional phone contracts you are tied to one plan for 6 months, 12 months or maybe even longer. And phone companies usually reserve the right to increase their charges while you are in contract with them! Well not with Voxi. They allow you to cancel anytime, although good luck finding a better deal!

Voxi also understands its customers. It knows that young people especially like to travel, and you don't want to worry about converting our data plan when you go abroad. So Voxi takes the hassle out of traveling, by giving free roaming to all customers in Europe.

So the next time you head to Paris or Berlin, you can still use all your data, calls and texts the same as if you were back at home in the U.K. Sweet deal! Plus, you can have confidence when you are back home, because Voxi has great coverage nationwide and has as much reliability as any of the big name providers.

Voxi Sim Cards Plans

VOXI sims needs to be activated on their official website before you can use their services. There are various packages you can choose from. 
Voxi has a wonderful selection of plans to choose from. In fact, it has a plan to suit every kind of lifestyle and requirement. So if you just use your phones for some basic apps and normal web browsing, perhaps you should choose their 6 GB + Endless social media plan, for an incredible £10 per month. Or, if you are a more heavy duty data user, then you can opt for their 60 GB + Endless Social Media plan, for just £20 a month.

There is also an intermediate plan which gives you 15 GB a month, plus the obligatory endless social media, for a very reasonable £15 per month. No of the traditional big name phone companies have deals anywhere near as good as this currently on the market, so if you are on the hunt for a new phone, or you just want a better deal than your current provider gives you, then choose Voxi. 

It can definitely be a pain transferring over all your old contacts when you get a new phone, but with Voxi you can avoid this annoyance by simply transferring over your old phone number to your new sim. This removes one of the obstacles to switching and ensures you can have a seamless transition to this new, challenger mobile phone company. You really have no excuse not to switch!

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