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Free O2 Network UK Sim Card

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O2 is one of the most trusted mobile networks in the UK. It is a well established company that is popular with over 26 million customers in the U.K. Their low prices, broad network coverage, and long running reliability have allowed them to survive for so long in the competitive UK telecommunications market. As a result, it is currently the second-largest mobile network operator in the UK.

Currently, O2 has a very attractive deal on the market. You can now obtain a free O2 sim card, and thereby gain access to their mobile network, with coverage all over the UK, from the south of England to the highlands of Scotland. This free, pay as you go SIM card allows you to immediately add credit to your card and get calling or texting straight away, with a minimum of fuss. 

Why should you consider an O2 sim card?

There are plenty of advantages to an O2 sim card:

You can easily keep your old number, even if you're switching from a different network. We all know switching numbers can be a real hassle, because you need to give your new details to some many people, well you can avoid this with a free O2 sim card. Even this free sim gives you access to a personal myO2 account. From here you can monitor your usage and manage your data deals, among other things. The O2 network has been rated the best network for coverage in the 2020 uSwitch Mobile Awards. You can be confident that your coverage will stretch further when you're on the O2 network.

Unbeatable Pay As You Go Data Deals

There are also a host of great data deals on offer when you get a free O2 sim card. These deals start at only £10 for 30 days and give you a lot of bang for your buck. For example, for just £10 you get 3 GB of data, as well as unlimited calls and texts. If you're willing to pay a bit more then you can get a lot more data, allowing you to surf the internet to your heart's content. For instance, for £30 you get a massive 20 GB plus the obligatory unlimited texts and unlimited minutes. The great thing about these deals is that you get internet access without being tied down to a long term contract. This gives you a nice balance of flexibility and value for money. 

Range of Sizes and Exclusive Competitions

Your free O2 sim card is available in a range of sizes to suit any kind of modern smartphone or even traditional block phones. For example, your sim card will come with options for a full-size sim, a micro sim, or even a nano sim. What's more, having an O2 sim allows you to download the priority app, from which you can enter competitions to win a host of special perks and prizes. O2 is a company that prides itself on looking after it's customers, and this free sim card is another example of that.

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