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Free GiffGaff Network UK Sim card

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To get it for FREE, please use the 99p (£0.99) Discount Coupon Code

Are you looking for free SIM cards that UK telecommunications networks support? You don’t need to roam around any further, as I am going to present you with the best free SIM card in the United Kingdom. I present you with a free Giffgaff sim card.

The reason why I say it is the best sim card is that it won the best UK network of the year award for 2018, so nationwide calling or international calling can handle them all.

You get a free Giffgaff SIM card along with a free £5 top-up and are active with a £10 top-up, for a total of £15. And if you recommend it to your friends, you get another £5 and they also get a £5 top-up Get it today at your doorstep for FREE

Immaculate network coverage.

Enjoy our flawless network coverage throughout the country. You will not have to worry about dropping signals the next time you enter a basement or are going to visit some countryside for some peace of mind.

Giffgaff sim card will liberate you from all such worries. Our network distribution ensures that you have a connection anytime and anywhere to make contact with your loved ones nationwide or abroad. 

Competitive pricing

We offer our free Giffgaff SIM card at market-competitive prices, with the freedom to change your package every month so you can find the perfect one suited to your wallet and needs. We recommend the right plans for you, even if that means you spend less.

You can add the £20 Goodybag package, which entails that you get always-on data along with unlimited calls and text messages. So in essence, in just £20 we take care of your needs for the whole month. 

If you have to frequently call abroad, you can add airtime credit to our very low international calling charges for a number of countries. You can call internationally for as little as 2 pence to India, China, and the USA. For 3 pence to Italy. And for 5 pence to Ireland and Poland.

  • £5 goodybag 100 MB data 150 minutes, 500 texts
  • £18 goodybag 9 GB data unlimited minutes unlimited texts
  • £20 goodybag always on unlimited minutes unlimited texts


The biggest benefit we offer is that we don’t tie you down to nasty contracts and you stay with us just because you want to stay not because of being bound to some vile contract we have trapped you into. Choose a plan or top up as you go. Even with a plan, you get to change every month if you want to.

Along with your Free GiffGaff sim card, we also offer completely unlocked phones so you have the latest technology at your disposal with the ease of paying upfront or opting for a payment plan that spreads the cost to several months.

We also offer pre-owned phones if you don’t need a shiny gimmickry laden new phone. Our pre-owned phones are well checked by technicians. Thoroughly data cleansed. We also offer 6 months of warranty on pre-owned phones.


Upon ordering your Free GiffGaff sim card now, we’ll deliver it to your doorstep with free home delivery.


Q. If I will purchase your gifgaff physical sims in bulk. Can I activate them free or I have to deposit in it and you have preactivated sims?

A. Minimum £10 credit needs to be topped up

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