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Talk Home Mobile Pay As You Go Sim + £5 Preloaded Credit

Availability: In Stock



  • Talk Home Mobile Pay As You Go Sim with £5 Preloaded Credit
  • Can be used in Standard/Micro/Nano Sim Device
  • Weight: 8 Gram

How do I activate EU Roaming?

If you’re travelling abroad and want to use your Talk Home SIM, as usual, you need to turn on roaming. Once you activate the service, you will be able to use your SIM in any country in which Talk Home Mobile provides roaming service.

Talk Home Mobile SIMs can be used abroad, anywhere and everywhere. You only need to contact our customer support ninjas to activate the international roaming. To get in touch with our support ninjas, you can drop an email or make a quick call to the Talk Home helpline.

You can also use mobile internet with Talk Home Mobile Internet roaming. To enable mobile data roaming, follow the steps below.


Turn on roaming on iPhone  

  • Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone. 
  • Head over to “Mobile Data” and then to “Mobile Data Options.” 
  • Press the “Data Roaming” toggle button to turn on the &

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